• PureO Netbraid Conditioning Shining Gel
  • PureO Netbraid Conditioning Shining Gel
  • PureO Netbraid Conditioning Shining Gel
  • PureO Netbraid Conditioning Shining Gel

PureO Netbraid Conditioning Shining Gel

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PureO Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel 8oz - Why PureO Natural Products? PureO Natural Products launched in 2012 with the creation of the first PureO products, the Botanical Extract Leave in Conditioner and Argan Oil. Our products have a unique proprietary blend of natural oils, herbs and minerals to support healthy hair, skin and immune system. Today more than ever people are searching out natural alternatives for personal care products. Exploring one holistic avenue after another, it is only natural that these same eco-explorers search for quality wholesome products to reduce the pollution and toxins in their bodies as well. Here at PureO Natural Products our company is dedicated to making fresh products in individual batches without harsh, unnatural preservatives by hand to provide our customers with the most natural and nourishing artisanal products possible. PureO Natural Products create products that truly benefits and help heal the scalp and hair, we offer distinctive all-natural hair products designed for every client no matter their hair type, these products promote healthier hair, vibrant volume, flourishing hair follicles and superior styling. Today PureO Natural Products has an array of natural hair products including best sellers: Neat Braid Conditioning Gel, Lock & Twist Gel and Superior Edge Control.
A great deal of people want to simply be healthier and work in harmony with nature as opposed to going against it. Using natural, organic pure botanical ingredients from around the world, including essential oils ensures that our styling and finishing products will revolutionize the beauty industry for the better. PureO is committed to exceeding your standards for health and environmental safety; No Animal Testing, No Sulfates, No Parabens and No Petro-Chemicals are used in our products EVER. Providing quality products, for quality haircare with a conscience.


  • Non greasy, not sticky, no residue, no flaking
  • Long lasting with ultimate shine
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Alcohol Free
  • Natural Antiseptic & Soothing
  • For all hair textures No grease
  • Non Flaky
  • For All Hair Types

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