• Lace tint spray color Cool Deep Brown
  • Lace tint spray color Dark Brown
  • Lace tint spray color Light Warm Brown
  • Lace tint spray color Medium Brown
  • Lace tint spray color Medium Dark Brown
  • Lace tint spray color Natural Beige

Lace Tint Spray 2.7oz | Tinted Lace Spray

$ 9.99

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Product Details

No need to bleach the knots on the lace! Bleaching can weaken the hair knots and cause breakage. Redefine your lace wig routine with the Tinted Lace Aerosol Spray. Match the lace with your skin tone to create a natural look and get ready to save time with this fast-drying aerosol spray. Highly endorsed and loved by influencers for its pigmented and buildable coverage.

❤ Formulated to match your skin tone

❤ Dries Quickly

 Water Resistant

❤ Leaves no residue on hair

❤ Available in 9 shades

❤ Sprays Evenly


How to use:

1. Hold the lace wig upside-down as you will be spraying the back side of your lace.
2. Shake the spray well and hold it 1 - 3 inches away from your lace.
3. Evenly spray the backside of the lace for a toned color.
4. Brush or shake off any excess left on the hair or lace.
5. Enjoy the natural look of your lace.

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